Our business

Our business

We directly relate to everyday life and revitalize the economy of the Wakasaji in Fukui where we place the highest importance.
This leads to strengthen people-to-people and region-to-region relations, build fellowship, break away from the modern society, which is gradually falling into egoism, and create a new value of “happiness”.
Thus, we have established “General Incorporated Association, Research Institute of the Wakasaji Revitalization”.
We “General Incorporated Association, Research Institute of the Wakasaji Revitalization” create a new value based on the nature, culture, history, food, and people in Wakasa, promote the Wakasa original potentials, and attract more fans.
Our theme is “a share of happiness”, and we would like to actively conduct our activities in various fields, such as sports, experience, history, culture, and food.

Main Business

Exchange Program

◎ Business Utilizing Sports
『Wakasaji Sports Trip』Event
『Wakasaji Sports Trip』-Related Tour

Human Resource Development Business

◎ Sound Development of Children
Kids Camp (Wakasaji Jiyu Gakko)
Educational Trip Promotion Program
Education Board-Related Program

◎ Development of the Next Generation ・Promotion of Migration & Settlement
Wakasaji Social Business College

Various Commissioned Business