Training・Commissioned Business

Training Program

Our training program can be utilized for companies and organizations.
“To enhance the feeling of unity of a company/organization” is what many companies and organizations are willing.
As to respond to the will, we propose a training program suitable for each company/organization utilizing the Wakasaji area and accumulating our know-how that we have built.

“Team building” is so vital that members of a company/organization can work more actively and conduct their business more smoothly.
However, a lot of companies/organizations do not know how to build a team effectively.

We have various connections with tools and people including the nature experience and sports.
Through the rich nature and human warmth among people in Wakasaji, we provide new learning and awareness to each worker of the company/organization, so their communication will become more active.
We will make every effort to contribute to your team-building and create an “interesting” training above everything else.
Please feel free to contact us.

Commissioned Business

We work flexibly for a prosperous future of Wakasaji.
We will make every effort to come in useful for a “prosperous future of Wakasaji.”
The best thing about us is that “we are local residents and a local organization,” and that’s precisely why we can seek the best possible way to achieve clients’ objectives by working and challenging together.

We also grasp the national trend information and work flexibly to suit the unique characteristics of Wakasaji by placing great significance on humanity and community.
All of us will make full efforts in order to create Wakasji as a place where people can feel the best “happiness” and “fulfillment” in a daily life.

This thought, movement, and connection are our great asset of Wakasaji, and we believe they are Wakasaji itself; therefore, we will put our all into the work.