Wakasaji Jiyu Gakko

We create more independent playing environments for both adults and children in the Wakasaji nature.

Every year, we hear sad accidents happen in the ocean, river, and mountains during the holidays in summer and winter.
Nevertheless, the number of those accidents has not decreased.
Why? We think one of the reasons is that not only children but also adults have little nature experience.
Those adults who should protect children cannot predict possible dangers.
Besides, there is a tendency that people avoid getting closer to nature because they think it “might be dangerous”.
This way of thinking might lead to a lack of experience in nature.

In such circumstances, we provide as many opportunities and places as possible for both adults and children to get in touch with nature.
We create environment where children can play in good mental and physical health, and they can experience great power, pleasure, joy, and danger in nature through various kinds of play.
In case of accident during our programs, our special staff with high interests in safety ensuring improves their skills on a daily basis taking a training of MFA (Medic First Aid) and so on.
The program organizers also sign up for insurance.

Past Programs

Wakasaji Jiyu Gakko Kids Spring Camp “Let’s Look for Signs of Spring! Camp”
Wakasaji Jiyu Gakko Kids Summer Camp “Tsunekami Peninsula Sea Kids Camp”
Wakasaji Jiyu Gakko Kids Winter Camp “Tsunekami Peninsula Winter Kids Camp”