Establishment Purpose

We set in Wakasaji (the Wakasaji), Fukui, and take another look at the spectacular nature, culture, history and food of this region.
At the same time, we incorporate personalities of the local residents that have been created in this region and achieve regional revitalization by connecting people and various things.
We create the real happiness spaceleading into the future and stir love for this region.

Prospectus for Establishment

There are lots of conflicts happening around the world and taking the lives of so many people.
People should realize once again that nothing is more precious and irreplaceable than life.
We directly relate to everyday life and revitalize the economy of the Wakasaji in Fukui where we place the highest importance.
This leads to strengthen people-to-people and region-to-region relations, build fellowship, break away from the modern society, which is gradually falling into egoism, and create a new value of “happiness”.
Thus, we have established “General Incorporated Association, Research Institute of the Wakasaji Revitalization”.
We “General Incorporated Association, Research Institute of the Wakasaji Revitalization” create a new value based on the nature, culture, history, food, and people in Wakasa, promote the Wakasa original potentials, and attract more fans.
We also promote the sound of growth of children who will bear the next generation in various fields, such as sports, history, culture, and experience.
Our greatest purpose is “connecting with hearts”, and we would like to actively conduct our activities.


– Create the “Wakasa Happiness Space”
No one can live alone.
People have emotions, and the emotions help us grow.
People can feel happy when they feel emotions they desire.
People develop their own values through interaction with others and create their own way of living.
We “General Incorporated Association, Research Institute of the Wakasaji Revitalization” set in the Wakasa resion, which has rich foundation in the nature, culture, history, and food.
By revitalizing this region, we will provide the place, which people can think and realize their “happiness” again.
We will create more “idea”, “cooperativeness”, “ability to act”, “energy”, and “connection” of the local residents in order to revitalize the region, and by normalizing the condition, we will develop the valuable space, “color”, “smell”, “look”, and “taste” that money cannot make or buy.
It will form the original “happiness form” of this region, which people can only feel here, and the moment will come when the happiness form will soothe their souls, make them feel their lives and appreciate them.
We believe it is the moment of happiness of the people who live in this region, and we “General Incorporated Association, Research Institute of the Wakasaji Revitalization” will move forward.