Wakasaji Sports Trip

We would like to create “ Lots of Heart-to-Heart Exchanges” through sports in Wakasaji

Fukui’s life expectancy is one of the best, and it ranked at the top of “Degree of Happiness Rankings.”
Especially the Wakasaji area offers some spectacular views, with the area famous for its “ocean”, “lake”, “mountains”, and “river”.
For example, Wakasa Bay is the large-scale ria coast, and Mikata Goko (Five Lakes of Mikata) is a wetland designated by the Ramsar Convention.
People who lived in the Jomon Era loved this area as their living space.
There are a lot of “immortal legends” in Wakasaji, and strong life force has been found in this area since the old days.
The Wakasaji field has those wonderful backgrounds, and in here, we carry out a program called “Wakasaji Sports Trip” where people can feel warm hearts and a respect of life.
You can enjoy bike riding, marathon, and swimming individually; however, the “Wakasaji Sports Trip” insists on “together” as “Lots of Heart-to-Heart Exchanges” is the first concept. We will provide the opportunity where people can feel happy and smile together while enjoying the delicious land-based foodstuffs and marine foodstuffs that rich nature brings, and we will bring excitement.

We are holding the “Wakasaji Sports Trip” events as below.

Wakasaji Century Ride (2012~)
Wakasaji Trail Run (2012~)
・ Wakasaji Open Water Swimming (2013~2017)
・ Wakasaji Paddling Festa (2015~2017)
・ Wakasaji Happy Smile Undokai (2015-2017)
・ Wakasaji Dolce Run (2016-2017)