Create an environment inductive to participation in the event not only for serious male athletes but also for a variety of people

Ms. Ohtani, a graphic designer: Creating flyers and goods including the logos of all the events of “Wakasaji Sports Trip”

This is such a sophisticated house!

Thank you. My home is also my office. In this area, each house has a name, and mine is “YAOQ”. Runners pass through this area on the “Wakasaji Trail Run”, and on the event day, many old women and children around here get together in a festive mood.

You have designed the logs of all the events of “Wakasaji Sports Trip,” haven’t you?

Yes, that’s right. The first one was “Wakasaji Century Ride”. When I listened to the details about the event, I thought “this is such an enormous project…” because there were several problems to solve, such as road conditions; however, the event was held on the following year, so I was surprised.

Indeed. If this event were an administrative one, it would be carried out more smoothly, but it is not.

True. In addition to that, I knew the sponsor is not a city office worker and have known him/her personally very well, which made me think more that this project was so enormous.

I can feel your unique warmth in each logo, which has been created by you, a designer living in Wakasa.

I’m bearing in my mind the regional uniqueness. This is a sports event, but I would like not only serious athletes but also other people who enjoy sports more casually to join. I’m hoping all the participants to enjoy both sports and the wonderfulness of Wakasaji.

These projects will keep going, right?

Yes. New events seem to be held more and more. I’ve been making T-shirts and tumblers of the past events. They are sold in the shops, such as “Michi no eki, MIKATAGOKO (Roadside Station, MIKATAGOKO)”. I would be happy if you pick up and take a look at them.

Warm Heart to the Community Is Put into the Design
decodex-design (Naoko Ohtani)

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